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  • Healthcare expenditures are 56% lower in happier workplaces.
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Posted on 07 May



Meditation can seem like a lonely activity, even a slightly selfish one —after all, you’re doing something, on your own, for yourself – or so it seems. Even if you’re meditating in a group, your eyes are closed and you’re focused on yo…Read More

mom in field

Posted on 06 May
Source: Juan Galafa/Unsplash

Children of empathic parents thrive. Parents don’t. Here’s what you can do.

Do you feel highly anxious when your child cries or even whines? Do you feel that having children has significantly increased your stress levels? Are you on high alert …Read More


Posted on 05 May

We keep seeing more studies demonstrating how mindfulness meditation can change the brain, make us feel better, and generally improve our lives. That’s great. But what if it doesn’t work for you? Maybe the practices that were supposed to take you to a calm place made you feel anxious or irritable.

Your skin crawls, you have ants in your pant…Read More

smiling boss

Posted on 04 May

Exceptional bosses have a workplace culture characterized by humanity.

What differentiates an exceptionally happy workplace from others? Workplace well-being is the current big buzzword. Mostly ignored in the past, workplace wellness is all the rage. But most leaders are doing it wrong.

In the name of employee happiness, and in response to in…Read More


Posted on 16 Apr

TEDxSacramento invited me to speak about what matters most to me. I chose to share the greatest secret to happiness and well-being I know and that I learned about through my research. I hope you enjoy it!

Please let me know what you think!


Posted on 01 Apr
Source: Ronda Darby/Unsplash

There’s no doubt this presidential race is absolutely wild. After all, everyone dislikes the leading candidate, the debates are uncivil, the candidate’s statements are often outrageous, and the most liked candidates have the lowest rankings. Yet…Read More


Posted on 28 Mar
Source: Tinseltown/Shutterstock

Oscar season and election season are both upon us and so is the guessing game of who will win. Why do we love watching these events unfold—and why are we ourselves so drawn to winning?

More than the win, it’s the chase that gives us the…Read More


Posted on 06 Mar

Social media has completely transformed a range of our life experiences. Consider travel: It’s not just that dodging selfie sticks makes navigating attractions harder, but because tourists no longer even gaze at the monuments, piazzas, or works of art. Inste…Read More


Posted on 23 Feb
Source: Scott Webb/Unsplash

Whether it’s New Year’s resolutions or any other milestone we want to achieve, most of us give up on that career goal, dietmindfulness practice, or exercise regimen we committed to however long ago. All too often, our efforts fail, and we find o…Read More


Posted on 17 Feb
Source: Morgan Sessions/Unsplash

Whether we’re high power execs or stay-at-home moms, self-criticism is a tendency that many people have. In fact we often think of self-criticism as key to self-improvement. We fall for the idea that self-criticism pushes us to perform be…Read More

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