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  • Social connection has a greater impact on health than weight or blood pressure.
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  • Healthcare expenditures are 56% lower in happier workplaces.
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Compassion in Business

Posted on 22 Apr


Why Compassion in Business Makes Sense


Emma Seppala explains how compassionate workplaces are good for employee health and the corporate bottom line.

Emma Seppala阐释富有慈悲心的环境如何有利于员工健康和公司利润。 /work and career/ …Read More

Posted on 11 Sep

Compassion  Behind  Bars

出处:Emma Seppala, Ph.D. , Maaheem Akhtar

几周前,我们斯坦福大学慈悲和利他主义研究教育中心(Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education,简称CCARE)办公室收到了一封史无前例的来信。


这封来自监狱囚犯的来信,目的是要索取一些跟…Read More

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