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Benefits of Breathing: The Scientific Benefits of Breathing INFOGRAPHIC

07 Feb

We’ve all heard the phrase “Take a deep breath.”

Maybe we’ve even noticed how our breath changes depending on how we feel: short and shallow when stressed, deeper when we’re relaxed. It changes when we sigh, yawn, sob or laugh. But one thing we probably have not learned is that, just as the breath changes depending on how we feel, we can also ch…Read More

A Surprising Yoga Practice To Heal Anxiety & Trauma

30 Jan

“Hard core military guys and yoga – that doesn’t really …um… go together, does it?” I’ve been asked. It’s true that, when they first arrived to participate in my study, the young, tattoo-covered, hard-drinking, motorcycle driving Midwestern guys did not look like typical yoga studio regulars. But what they shared after the study sai…Read More

When Breath Saves Life

16 May

“They’re all yours,” says the psychiatrist. In front of me, a group of 15 young men. Clad in baseball hats or skullcaps, some have long beards, others tattoos. Everyone is wearing sunglasses though we are indoors. The youngest one looks barely over 18. With closely cropped blonde hair and fear-drenched eyes he is visibly shaking, seemingly locked i…Read More


Breathing: The Little Known Secret to Peace of Mind

15 Apr

“A few weeks ago shooting, cars exploding, screaming, death, that was your world. Now back home, no one knows what it is like over there so no one knows how to help you get back your normalcy. They label you a victim of the war. I am not a victim… but how do I get back my normalcy? For most of us it is booze and Ambien. It works for a brief per…Read More

Alternate Ways for Veterans to Overcome Trauma

20 Sep

“I am not a victim” said a young Marine in our study. Recently returned from Afghanistan, he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. A man or woman with the courage to go to war does not easily embrace victimhood. Complementary therapies based in yoga and meditation, however, may provide empowering alternatives to traditional treatment…Read More


Yoga, deep breathing used to address soldiers’ post-traumatic stress

16 Aug

Rich Low dreamed of Iraq long after he returned home from the war.

The memories haunted him when he was awake, too. About six months after his deployment, he was driving at night when a sudden burst of lightning snapped him back to Baghdad and the bomb that exploded near him during a thunderstorm.

Low’s pulse raced as adrenaline surged th…Read More

"Taking the Measure of Mind" by Shambhala Sun

31 Mar

In this article, Shambhala Sun reporter Barry Boyce interviewed a number of us who conduct research in Dr. Richard Davidson’s lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Barry’s article captures the world of meditation research and explores “how far our minds can go and how many ways meditation can help us.”

This is a picture featured in the print v…Read More


News Coverage on our Research on Yoga Breathing for Veterans

26 Feb

This news piece covers the research that we are conducting at the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with veterans recently returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. The veterans I have had the privilege of meeting have taught me the true meaning of selfless service, sacrifice, honor, commitment, courage, …Read More


Yoga & Meditation for Veterans Returning from Iraq and Afghanistan

15 Sep

Dr. Richard Davidson and I recently completed a study on the impact of yogic breathing (Sudarshan Kriya Yoga) for returning veterans. Award-winning documentary film-maker Phie Ambo documents our research in a film entitled Free the Mind. We are currently writing up the results for publication. Here is a preview featuring some of the results and tes…Read More

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