Watch my TEDx talk and see what research has to say about The Power of Social Connection:

10 Tweetable Facts from the Video:

  1. #DidYouKnow Low social connection is worse for us than smoking, obesity & high-blood pressure. #tedtalks @emmaseppala [click to tweet]

  2. Strong social connection predicts greater mental well-being, health, faster recovery from disease and even longevity. [click to tweet]

  3. When you smile at someone, mirror neurons activate their smiling micromuscles #smile & spread #happiness @emmaseppala [click to tweet]

  4. Compassion is innate throughout the animal kingdom, from rats to apes. By age 2, humans are wired for #compassion. [click to tweet]

  5. A recent economics study showed people’s first instinct is to share wealth, more than keep it to oneself @emmaseppala [click to tweet]

  6. Humans are wired for cooperataion as much as for competition. Via research @Stanford by primatologist Robert Sapolsky [click to tweet]

  7. #DidYouKnow: Self-compassion increases compassion for others. #TEDTALK via @emmaseppala [click to tweet]

  8. #DidYouKnow: Research shows that we are happier when we give than when we receive. via @emmaseppala #TEDTALK [click to tweet]

  9. #Research @Harvard shows if 1 person acts fairly, it impacts 3 degrees of separation away from them. via @emmaseppala [click to tweet]

  10. Compassion creates connection. Compassion is contagious. #bethechange #tedtalks via @emmaseppala [click to tweet]

Is Social Connection the Key to Fulfillment?

When I was invited to give a TEDx talk, I chose to speak on the most important subject I could think of and the one most people know least about: the science of human fulfillment.

Everyone wants happiness. The problem is that we’re looking for it in all the wrong places from achievement to wealth, from success to beauty, from fame to stability, from chocolate to sex.

Yet again and again, research studies are showing us that although the pleasures of life certainly bring little boosts of happiness, those boosts are short-lived and do not guarantee the long-term fulfillment we are really seeking.

So why are we still striving, running, rushing, pushing, competing, overworking and burning ourselves out to get these things? Because we have forgotten the secret to long-term fulfillment. And some of us haven’t discovered it in the first place.

Yet what if I were to tell you that fulfillment is incredibly natural and easily available. In fact, it is at your fingertips.

In this talk, I included as many findings as I could in 15 minutes to show you how you too can find fulfillment and experience long-term and sustainable happiness in your lives.

Learn more in Infographic on the Science of Social Connection.

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