A few weeks ago, I received a phone call from Matt Richtel, reporter with the New York Times. He had heard about my research on yoga and yoga-based breathing and meditation for veterans with trauma and wanted to ask me about related research…. on vacation! He explained that most people sabotage the few vacation days that they have because they are so wound up and addicted to their devices. I was surprised at first but then it all made sense. He was writing about the inability to let go. Veterans returning from war with trauma of course have a hard time letting go of the horrific events and memories they experienced. Sadly, even the common man who has not been through such difficulties can have a hard time letting go: of his phone, of his work, of his busyness. We are often trapped in a constant go-go-go that leads nowhere, certainly not to a state of well-being. Interestingly, that week a number of articles came out on the “Busy” Trap and addiction to technology

To read the full New York Times article including the suggestions I made, click here

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