I’ve worked in a lot of high-achieving environments: Yale, Stanford, Silicon Valley, New York City. I noticed too many people pursuing “success” at a cost to themselves. They were postponing their happiness now in pursuit of success…with the idea that, when they attain success, they will be happy. Yet they were burning out themselves (and others) out in the process. I too joined the rat-race, it seemed like what everyone was doing. It seemed like the right thing to do. But it wasn’t.

When I looked at the research, I saw that – overwhelmingly – happiness is actually the secret to success. If you prioritize your happiness, you will actually be more productive, more creative, more resilient, more energized, more charismatic and influential. You will have more willpower and be more focused, with less effort. That’s why I wrote The Happiness Track. Here’s an infographic that shows the false theories we buy into and how research debunks them all.


This is good news. I hope The Happiness Track can provide you with relief. Relief in the knowledge that, by taking care of yourself and prioritizing your well-being, you will be able to achieve your goals better than you even knew was possible.

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