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Yoga, deep breathing used to address soldiers’ post-traumatic stress

16 Aug

Rich Low dreamed of Iraq long after he returned home from the war.

The memories haunted him when he was awake, too. About six months after his deployment, he was driving at night when a sudden burst of lightning snapped him back to Baghdad and the bomb that exploded near him during a thunderstorm.

Low’s pulse raced as adrenaline surged th…Read More

New York Times Article on Letting Go

01 Jul

A few weeks ago, I received a phone call from Matt Richtel, reporter with the New York Times. He had heard about my research on yoga and yoga-based breathing and meditation for veterans with trauma and wanted to ask me about related research…. on vacation! He explained that most people sabotage the few vacation days that they have because they ar…Read More

A Mindful Nation

03 Apr

Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio couldn’t be more mainstream American. Yet he is on a mission to bring greater peace of mind to schools, hospitals, communities and even the military through secular meditation practices. Having reaped the benefits thereof in his own busy life as a politician, Congressman Ryan shares insights he has gained from scientist…Read More

"Taking the Measure of Mind" by Shambhala Sun

31 Mar

In this article, Shambhala Sun reporter Barry Boyce interviewed a number of us who conduct research in Dr. Richard Davidson’s lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Barry’s article captures the world of meditation research and explores “how far our minds can go and how many ways meditation can help us.”

This is a picture featured in the print v…Read More


News Coverage on our Research on Yoga Breathing for Veterans

26 Feb

This news piece covers the research that we are conducting at the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with veterans recently returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. The veterans I have had the privilege of meeting have taught me the true meaning of selfless service, sacrifice, honor, commitment, courage, …Read More


Preview of "Free the Mind"

14 Jan

Preview of a documentary called “Free the Mind” to be released Summer/Fall 2012 by Danish Documentaries on our research on yoga breathing for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with trauma.


Yoga & Meditation for Veterans Returning from Iraq and Afghanistan

15 Sep

Dr. Richard Davidson and I recently completed a study on the impact of yogic breathing (Sudarshan Kriya Yoga) for returning veterans. Award-winning documentary film-maker Phie Ambo documents our research in a film entitled Free the Mind. We are currently writing up the results for publication. Here is a preview featuring some of the results and tes…Read More

From Warrior Pros to Warrior Pose…

17 Sep
Watch my ABC News interview on meditation-based practices for veterans with PTSD:

Once thought of as a new age phenomenon in popular US culture, yoga and meditation are rapidly finding their way into the conservative arena of the military:

On the one hand yoga-based interventions are being used to train better soldiers. The army is ser...Read More
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