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Wellness of the Mind: 2012-09-02 04:32:00

02 Sep

Edwin Rutsch from the Center for Building a Culture of Empathy is doing amazing work compiling and providing educational materials on empathy research in order to promote a culture of empathy. He has a scoopit page, a website, a facebook page, a magazine, and a youtube channel. In addition to posting research articles, he interviews scientists…Read More


Preview of "Free the Mind"

14 Jan

Preview of a documentary called “Free the Mind” to be released Summer/Fall 2012 by Danish Documentaries on our research on yoga breathing for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with trauma.

From Warrior Pros to Warrior Pose…

17 Sep
Watch my ABC News interview on meditation-based practices for veterans with PTSD:

Once thought of as a new age phenomenon in popular US culture, yoga and meditation are rapidly finding their way into the conservative arena of the military:

On the one hand yoga-based interventions are being used to train better soldiers. The army is ser...Read More
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