We’ve all heard the phrase “Take a deep breath.”

Maybe we’ve even noticed how our breath changes depending on how we feel: short and shallow when stressed, deeper when we’re relaxed. It changes when we sigh, yawn, sob or laugh. But one thing we probably have not learned is that, just as the breath changes depending on how we feel, we can also change how we feel using our breath! This is revolutionary, folks, so listen up! It’s so hard to change how we feel: Can you talk yourself out of anger or anxiety? Can you talk yourself into going to sleep when you’re wound up?


The mind has a terrible time telling itself what to do. But this is where the breath comes in. I’ve summarized research on breathing techniques and the many ways in which they can impact our health and our well-being in one simple infographic.

The Scientific Benefits of Breathing (Infographic)

Print it out, keep it on your desk or in your room. Use it. You have a tool for peace of mind, it’s free, and its’ flowing through you at this very moment. I’ve conducted research on breathing practices for veterans with one of the highest forms of anxiety: PTSD – and seen the tremendous beneficial impact it has on them. If you take anything away from this info graphic, it’s this: Learn more about the breath, breathing techniques, and how they can improve your life! For more on the science of breath with references, see this article and this article.

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